School Climate

School Climate:

School climate is important at Vauxhall Elementary School.  We have monthly assemblies, dress-up days, and other climate team activities to promote school spirit.  

Turbo Charger Assemblies:

Every month, we have a Turbo Charger assembly in the VES Gym.  Our Turbo – Charger assemblies will take place in conjunction with our climate events this year.  Our focus will be on the citizenship values of “stewardship”, “relationship”, and “leadership”. Students will be encouraged to earn chances to get the Turbo Charger tickets by demonstrating behaviors that show they are growing in these areas.  Assemblies will be filled with student celebrations, climate activities and fun!  All parents and members of the community are welcome.  Check our website and newsletters for dates and details.  We present our "Turbo Chargers" recipients during the assembly.  One student will be drawn to receive a special award.  

Climate Teams:

We have 8 multi-graded climate teams with students from Kindergarten to grade 6.  After our assemblies, the students will be engaged in a climate event.   

Select the team name below to learn more about each climate team.