Safety Reminders

Student Absences:

Please call the school if your child is going to be absent or late rather than emailing or texting the classroom teacher. Our secretary will inform the classroom teacher of any absences. This way we can attend to absences immediately in the morning.

School Visitors and Parents:

Parents and visitors should enter the school through the main entrance. Please check in with the school secretary.

Parking Lot Safety:

Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the "Drop Off and Pick Up Zone". We ask that parents parallel park in the "drop off zone" to wait for your child. If parents are coming into the school, we would like them to park in designated stalls.

Bus Safety:

Signs are posted in the "Bus Loading Zone" as to when vehicles can enter and/or park in front of the school. These are in effect in the morning and after school. Please follow the times posted on the signs.

Microwave Use at School:

For safety reasons and time management, we do not allow students to microwave lunches. Please send items like pizza pops already cooked. Other items such as soup can be put in thermos to keep warm. We do provide lunch materials for students that have forgotten lunches and this depends on what we have available.