Student Leadership

Every fall, the grade 5 and 6 students have a student election.  Students may choose to run for one of the following minister positions:

Learning Commons Minister:

  • assists with re-shelving books 
  • helps Mrs. Willis in the library 
  • helps with the Book Fair
  • researches new and exciting books for the library
  • helps think of ideas for the Learning Commons
  • helps with organizing materials in the Learning Commons
  • helps Mrs. Willis supervise Learning Commons during lunch recess 

Sports Minister:

  • assists with intramural sports program
  • assists with Track and Field Day
  • maintains sports equipment rooms
  • attends sport committee meetings
  • gets involved in any sport activities (including intramurals)

Climate Minister:

  • assists with special holiday activities
  • distributes programs during concert activities
  • helps with climate activity set-up

Fine Arts Minister:

  • attends climate and fine arts meetings
  • assists with theatre productions
  • maintains the music room

Environment Minister:

  • distributes paper recycling bins to each classroom
  • organizes students to collect paper recycling and beverage containers every week
  • makes a schedule for classes to clean-up garbage on our school playground
  • helps promote environmental activities for staff and students