Club Moo

What is Club Moo?

Club Moo is a milk program that encourages children to develop the healthy habit of drinking milk everyday by making it fun. We offer white and chocolate milk on Mondays - Thursdays at school. Children earn cool incentive prizes just by drinking cold fresh milk with their lunch. Every three months all students receive a prize.  It’s fun and it’s easy!

Today, more than ever, students need the nutritional benefits of milk at school. Milk with lunch helps provide the energy and nutrition children need to perform their best physically and mentally. Students learn better and are more alert when they are well-fed with a variety of healthy foods.

How can my child purchase milk?

Milk is sold for $1.00 per milk during lunch time at the kitchen.  Milk cards can also be purchased at the office from Mrs. Locke.  A card costs $10 for 11 milk cartons (children receive one free milk using a card).