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School Climate:

School climate is important at Vauxhall Elementary School.  We have many dress-up days, monthly assemblies, special events and other activities to promote school spirit.  Throughout the year, the students are involved in many climate activities and challenges.  We have 8 mulit-graded climate teams.  Throughout the year, we have activities that bring students together for some friendly competition.  Points are awarded for these events and at the end of the year the team with the most points wins the Climate Cup.  

Select the team name below to learn more about each climate team. 

Our Climate Teams:

Turbo Charger Assemblies:

Every month we have a Turbo Charger assembly in the VES Gym.  Assemblies are an excellent way to promote school spirit and climate.  During the assembly, there is always entertainment provided by one of the classes.  Assemblies are always full of fun activities and competitions.  

We also present our "Turbo Chargers" recipients during the assembly.  One student is selected from each classroom to receive a special award.  

Turbo Chargers exhibit one or more of these qualities:  

Student Leadership:

Every fall, the grade 5 and 6 students have a student election.  Students may choose to run for one of the following minister positions:

Office Minister:

Library Minister:

Sports Minister:

Lunch Monitor:

Climate Minister:

Wellness Minister (Health and Environment):

Maker Space Minister:

Learning Commons Minister: